Why Play TXP


We all desperately need to rekindle the fire within our lives.  We need to allocate more quality time towards our relationships.  We need to learn how to communicate all over again, free of judgment and criticism.  We must learn all about one another to become as one on all aspects of our intimate relationships.  After all, we all have sexual desires and inhibited fantasies, dying to come out, but we lack the trust and comfort level to share them with our significant others.  I found this to be a troubling concern of mine, so I decided to do something about it.

Through hard work and perseverance, we have created an Adult Game that will take you there, at your pace, in a sensual, fun and safe manner.  With this game you have the capability to completely customize your environment, allowing you and your partner to shatter your sexual inhibitions at your own pace.

This game will give both men and women plenty of new approaches to experiment with.  This newness can assist couples in experiencing new passions.  The purpose of this game is not just to educate, but also to inspire.

I recommend that, after trying out some of these approaches, a couple continue to talk occasionally about each of their unique preferences.  Some of these skills or approaches may be desirable to you but not to your partner.  In some cases, over time our partners may change and begin to like certain things and not like other things.

It is important that you do not demand something that makes your partner uncomfortable and do not do something to your partner that he or she doesn’t want.  Sex is a precious gift that two people can give to each other when they love each other.

For sex and passion to grow over time, it is important that we not feel the possibility of being judged or criticized for our wishes and desires.  We should always try to approach sex in a non-judgmental manner.

We offer this game as a reminder of many of the things you probably already know intuitively.  We personally have benefited tremendously from each of the ideas. We create and present, as we hope millions of people worldwide will.  We sincerely hope you all enjoy this game and continue to enjoy its insights for the rest of your days and nights.

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– J.P. Machavelli

Are you looking to spice up your love life with your partner? Tired of the same old routine in the bedroom?

Here are the benefits you will gain from paying our game:

• Bridge the gap in communication
• Explore and learn one another (or Kill the monotony)
• Rid yourself of any awkwardness
• Enhance your sex life to new heights judgement free
• Build higher levels of trust
• Rekindle your love life

Here’s what separates us from all other adult sex board games:

• You will receive three different games for the price of one
• Our games are made of the highest quality materials
• Our Board game is water proof
• Our board game is a learning tool for couples