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Best adult communication tool ever!™

Are you looking to spice up your love life with your partner? Tired of the same old routine in the bedroom?

Here are the benefits you will gain from playing our game:

• Bridge the gap in communication
• Explore and learn one another (or Kill the monotony)
• Rid yourself of any awkwardness
• Enhance your intimacy to new heights judgment-free
• Build higher levels of trust
• Rekindle your love life

Here’s what separates us from all other adult sex board games:

• You get three different games for the price of one
• Our games are made of the highest quality materials
• Our Board game is waterproof
• Our board game is a learning tool for couples

How to play

It’s quite simple

Customize Environment

  • The Female handpicks the cards she feels comfortable playing with this time around.
  • pick your game piece, whether a female, male, transgender symbol or, you can pick from several other game pieces.

Game begins

  • Female roles “White number dice” to determine how many spaces to move on the board.
  • Depending on the color square she lands on, she will have to take action, whether it’s picking up a colored card or rolling the dirtiest dice.
  • The same rules apply to males when it’s their turn.
  • All actions are played out for one minute unless otherwise specified on the playing cards.

Everyone wins when playing TXP – Triple X Playground.

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10 reviews for TXP Communication Tool

  1. Darren

    I ordered this for me and my fiancé. I have to say that I was very surprised by the game. The game looks great, and the amount of cards it has was definitely a selling point. My and my lady had a blast the first few rounds of the game and we still have a ton of cards to go through. Good job.

  2. Sara

    I decided to pick one up because my husband and I have been married happily for over ten years. Our sex life has always been great, but we’re always open to trying new things! I cannot wait to receive it and start playing!

  3. Carly

    Love the game! It’s fast paced as keeps things interesting! Me and my hubby are very pleased

  4. Terrance

    Literally saved my relationship. Big thumbs up!

  5. Trey

    YOOO! This game is hot. I pick this up for me and my girl and it was hella fun. Worth the money hands down!

  6. Tommy

    I bought this recently for me and my lady, haven’t received it yet but once it’s here I will send an update! The game looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Kayla G

    Absolutely love this game! so many playing cards we haven’t even made a dent in the game. So worth every penny. My hubby and I are very pleased and it definitely brought some spice back into our relationship. THANK YOU

  8. Shanice

    Me and my man bought a few adult games in the past. They were good but very cheesy. I have to say that the game is very well put together though. It’s the most I’ve ever paid for an adult board game, but honestly, it was worth it. The game has a ton of cards, keeps things fast-paced and interesting. You can’t put a price on your relationship, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the bedroom. Anyway, my rant is over. Job well-done people.

  9. Marisol

    Im usually very shy in bed, but this product was able to get me out my shell and have more fun with my partner!!!! I have so much more trust for him and we are now more in sync. After a 5 year relationship the passion and excitement is back and better !!! love this!!!!

  10. Larry Harden

    Overall. I’m pretty impressed. Very well made board game. Tons of cards to play with. My wife and I picked out the cards we’re comfortable with and we had a blast. Felt like we where dating all over again. We only played it a few times but very pleased and excited to keep playing.

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