About us

O.K. So what is TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND?  We provide a platform for adults who have something in common- their love for venturing into new heights when it comes to their sexual intimacy.

TXP is a fun-filled game that can be played amongst couples, with a third person, or in a group.

It will provide an opportunity to explore different sexual realms and suggestively take you to a sexual height you might have needed help discovering.

Need to add some spice and not sure how? Come to the playground; www.TRIPLEXPLAYGROUND.com

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the very best in adult gaming and novelty, while simultaneously building better communication skills within any intimate adult relationship or environment. We pride ourselves in being “The guide to the pursuit of sexual pleasure” ™.

With the release of our flagship product, TRIPLE X PLAYGROUND, the “Best Adult Sex Game Ever!” ™, TXP has created a naughty adult playground where “You Set The Environment, We Take It There” ™.

This “Holistic Tool” is designed to help couples with those unfulfilled moments waiting to be unleashed. By providing the most exciting fantasies in order to reach the highest levels of climax, while bridging the gap of communication, build trust, and creating stronger bonds in any adult relationship free of judgment and awkwardness.

Mach-Media, INC. All Rights Reserved 2020 ™